"For which f are you drinking to? Fuck, forget, or fun?"
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holy shit i admire you so much. youre badass

🙈 im not that badass, i swear! But thank you



do it for you.

Better not bring that quarter zip home in december cause i will steal it 😊

Can we do cute things like go to aquariums, kiss in the rain, have cute day trips, and have really rough sex

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Can you tell the story of how you got your scar? I know you said you were hit by a car when you were younger but exactly how did it happen?

I get this question all the time, im sorry i havent gotten around to answering it. But long story short, i was out to dinner with my family and while my parents were paying the check my sister (10), our new friend britt (11) and myself (8) all went outside to wait for our parents. We lived in a beach town that was super quiet in the winter so our parents didnt mind us waiting outside. I had crossed the street to get a rock, yes i said a ROCK, and was waiting on the other side of the 4 lane road. I made it halfway to the yellow lines when a person came around the bend so i stopped. They then stopped in the inside lane and waved me across. I proceeded across the last two lanes and while doing so a car passed the car that had stopped and hit me when i was a step off the curb. I landed on their car and flew 45 feet into the parking lot. I suffered a broken femur (scars on my leg from that), a fractured hip, two skull fractures (more scars) & a subdural brain bleed (that subsided on its own), a collapsed lung, and they also had to do exploratory surgery (hence huge scar on stomach). I spent 9 days in the hospital and months with rods in my legs, followed by casts, followed by months of rehab. But today im 100% and so thankful to be alive



Yesterday was madness me on the board kp on the boat with the boys hahaha

that is the coolest shot omg 

Studying depression and suicide for my nursing psych test… Could this have come at any worse of a time 😢